:  Article 1 (Purpose) 

   The purpose of the following Terms and Conditions of Use(‘T&C’) is to establish guidelines on rights, duties and responsibilities of cybermall Users utilizing the internet-related

   services (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Services’) provided by the cybermall (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Mall’) operated by company (e-commerce company). ※ 『Unless 

   transactions contradict its properties, the following terms apply to e-commerce transactions utilizing methods of PC communication, wireless and others』 

:  Article 2 (Definition)

   ① 'Mall' refers to a vitual business site established by copany to trade goods or services (hereinafter referred to as ‘Goods and Services’) using computers and information 

   communication facilities to provide Goods and Services to Users. The term can also be defined as a company operating a cybermall.

   ② ‘User’ refers to a Member and Non-Member who has accessed the ‘Mall’ to use the services provided by the ‘Mall’ in accordance with this T&C.

   ③ ‘Member’ refers to a User who uses the services provided by the ‘Mall’ by subscribing for Membership.

   ④ ‘Non-Member’ refers to a User who uses the services provided by the ‘Mall’ without subscription.

:  Article 3 (Display, Explanation and Amendment of Terms and Conditions of Use)

   ① The ‘Mall’ shall, for easy recognition by Users, display the contents of this T&C, name of company and representative, business address(including an address handling customer 

    complaints), phone number, fax number, email address, business license number, e-commerce permit number, and the name of personal information manager on the main page 

    of the ‘Mall’. Only the content of this T&C can be displayed though a link page.

   ② Prior to User’s final agreement to this T&C, the ‘Mall’ shall provide a separate link or pop-up screen to obtain User’s verification on the terms of cancellation rights, delivery 

   responsibilities, refund conditions and other important details.

   ③ The ‘Mall’ may make amendments within the permissible range without violating applicable laws such as the 「Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce」,

   「Regulation of T&C」, 「Framework Act on Electronic Commerce and Electronic Document」, 「Electronic Financial Transaction Act」, 「Electronic Signature Act」, 「Act on Protection 

   of Information and Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network」, 「Door-To-Door Sales Act」, 「Framework Act on Consumers」 and other related 

   Consumer Protection Laws.

   ④ The ‘Mall’ shall specify the effective date and the reasons for amendment of the terms and have post on the initial screen for 7 days prior to effective date until the day before 

   the effective date.If the amendment is modified to the User’s disadvantage, then the ‘Mall’ shall grant at least 30 days of grace period for notice. In this case, the ‘Mall’ shall clarify 

   the ‘before and after’ changes in an ‘easy-to-understand’ manner.

   ⑤ When the ‘Mall’ makes an amendment to the T&C, the modified T&C shall be applied only to contracts concluded after the effective date, whereas all contracts concluded 

   before the effective date will remain under the provisions of the old T&C. However, if the User who has already signed the contract wishes to have the amendments administered, 

   then the User may send his/her intent to the ‘Mall’ and acquire consent from the ‘Mall’ within the notice period stated in Clause and it shall be applied accordingly.

   ⑥ Any information not specified and interpreted in this T&C shall be in accordance with the e-commerce Transaction Guidelines and Related Consumer Protection Acts provided 

   by the Fair Trade Commission and other applicable Consumer Protection Laws and Regulation of T&C Act. Article 4 (Provision & Replacement of Service)

   ① The ‘Mall’ shall perform the following duties:1. Provide information regarding Goods and Services and conclude purchasing contracts.2. Deliver Goods and Services on purchase 

   contract. 3. Other duties designated by the ‘Mall.’

   ② The ‘Mall’ may replace Goods and Services provided in future T&C in the event that Goods and Services are sold out or technical specifications are revised. In this case, the ‘Mall’ 

    shall immediately announce the replacement of Goods and Services and the date of application on the page where present Goods and Services are displayed.

   ③ In the event that Goods and Services are replaced because of a change in technical specifications or when Goods and Services are sold out, the ‘Mall’ shall immediately notify 

    the cause of replacement to the addresses of the Users.

   ④ Following the previous Clause, the ‘Mall’ shall compensate for all damages caused. However, this shall not apply if the ‘Mall’ proves that such event is not caused by its 

   intention or negligence.